Sunday, July 13, 2014

Chanel meets the Bubble Dress

This is the last of the Bubble Dresses I've made to date.  However I'm still considering making a Koos van den Akker inspired one using the scalloped sides on view A of the pattern.

I've made the Bubble dress before several times with long sleeves. This time around, I decided to channel Coco Chanel for another long sleeved version.

Using a very dark navy wool-like fabric (totally washable) I used a random long sleeve waist length bodice pattern and paired it with the Bubble Dress skirt.

For sleeve cuff inspiration I referred to an image of Coco Chanel where she is wearing white bracelets.
So I made my version with white satin petal shaped cuffs.

The skirt is lined with Bemberg making it soft and silky to wear. The bodice is lined in broadcloth.

Looking back again at the images of Chanel, she was always wearing several strings of pearls in varying lengths.

At the fabric store they sell plastic pearls by the meter so I bought 2m, cut them into varying lengths and hot glued the ends together.
I found a "C" initial in a bead store and added it to a strand.

The outfit needed a hairband, so a little ribbon tulle, some pearls, a hot glue gun and the job was done!

Channelled Chanel via a Bubble Dress!


  1. Brilliant! I love this kind of thing, it's amusing, clever and results in a fantastic outfit, even if no-one recognises the couture inspiration.

  2. Be still my beating heart!
    I adore it, fabulous and I would have LOVED it at her age too!
    xx N

  3. You have been so busy....and that photo is out of this world. She looks so beautiful...

  4. WOW! It's amazing. Such beautiful work!

  5. Charming dress and accessories! I particularly love the sleeve cuffs!