Saturday, July 12, 2014

Frozen Bubble Dress

Recently, Miss C was invited to a "Frozen" themed birthday party but all she had to wear was a well worn and grubby Cinderella dress I made her a few years ago.
I supposed there is some sort of irony with that predicament given Cinderella was doomed to wear scullery maid attire until her fairy Godmother arrived on the scene.
Well for our Miss C (the C stands for Cinderella in this tale) her grandmother arrived on the scene with an Elsa knock-off Bubble Dress.

I used aqua satin for the bodice section of the dress.
For the skirt, I used the pattern pieces from the Fairy Tale dress making the hem calf length. The outer fabric is a lacy open weave (perfect for costumes) while the lining is broadcloth.

I had quite a bit of the lacy fabric leftover, so I made a cape.
When I went to trace out the pattern from my book Little This to Sew, I discovered Pattern Sheet#2 was missing. Unable to find it, I resorted to using a commercial pattern.
Too bad as I would have added it to Shelly's"go all the way with me" LLTS challenge.

My neighbour's studio gallery is built looking like a castle. Our Elsa wanted to have her photo taken in front of the castle so she could welcome everyone to her kingdom.

After our photo shoot that wasn't much fun due to the copious quantities of mosquitoes, the dress went back home with her and from what I've been told, is worn just about every day.


  1. No princess should have to tolerate mosquitos in the castle grounds! Great costume but what a bummer that you lost a pattern sheet.

  2. Beeautiful outfit and I love the cape. Such a fabulous backdrop for your photo shoot, x

  3. Awesome! Flat. Out. Awesome!!

  4. Your granddaughter is so fortunate! She probably thinks every grandmother does what you do. How fun that you made a coordinating hair accessory for each Bubble dress.

  5. So pretty....and she is adorable!

  6. Wow! I love this 'Frozen' dress and cape! It is the perfect easy-to-wear daily costume and looks lovely on your beautiful granddaughter.