Tuesday, July 22, 2014

S3859 day #2 KCW

My daughter asked if I could start making A-line dresses.
"Sure! No problem" I said figuring I could make some during KCW.

In my stash was a Simplicity #3859 pattern and it filled the bill…or so I thought.

I made view B with white contrast hem and v-neck bodice and used a half meter of a summery greenish-aqua and white fabric.

As it turned out, it didn't fit the bill.

She didn't like the v-neck and she didn't like the bow on the bodice as per the pattern, so I took it off and plunked it on a hairband. She liked that.

When we tried it on, it was miles too big both in length and width.

Miss C usually wears size 5 in RTW but I made size 6 judging by the chart on the back of the pattern that indicated it would fit a 22inch chest and she's just shy of 22".

I didn't get a photo of the ill fitting dress because it was, well, ill fitting.
Off hand I would say it worked out to be much like a RTW generous 6X.

However the good news is she has a dress made and ready for next summer…….

…and with a matching hairband.


  1. I think the dress is so cute, but I love all the dresses you make! I am so jealous of your daughter! I would love it if my mother would sew for my kids. My oldest two never wear dresses anymore and my youngest won't wear anything unless it is pink with an enormous skirt! Rather limiting...

  2. Not only donI love your dressmaking but the way you set it up to be photographed. Cute bird house:)

  3. Oh, it's quite lovely! And I'm sure it's always a good thing to plan ahead, right?

  4. It is such a lovely dress! I bet she will like it when it does fit.

  5. What a cute dress :) Isn't it funny (and cute) how our kids have certain preferences? Life would have been so much easier of those preferences were not changing a few times a week haha

  6. The dress is gorgeous!!! I love the green fabric. I am so lucky right now since I can talk my girl into wearing anything but I know these days are numbered.