Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hide and Seek Dress

In my stash I have at least 3 meters left of a 100% unknown fibre pink check fabric that looks like wool but of course it isn't. It was really inexpensive when I bought it and now it's merely languishing in a stash bin.
So I decided to use that for a test run for the Hide and Seek pattern.

I didn't bother with topstitching or edge stitching as per the pattern instructions. I didn't even add piping as I normally do.  I just wanted to get 'er done as the expression goes.

I like the welt pockets.
I'm not too crazy about my hem finish though. I should have used my Coverstitch machine for than but next time around, perhaps try a hem facing.

I made the sleeves a little longer than the pattern pieces and I really like how the cuff on the sleeve is constructed.
In hindsight I should have cut down the width of the front skirt making it less full.

If this dress fits and is liked, next time around I'd like to use linen and embellish the front panel with heirloom style stitching from this book.
The dress is size 5.


  1. This new pattern is a bit of a favourite of mine.
    I see it as a true trans-seasonal piece and I think it would make a lovely baby blouse.

    Very pretty Deb.

  2. Beautiful dress and such a soft colour, x

  3. I like it in that fabric, it gives it more of a winter appearance. Still in my unsewn pile but you 've made me move it up a few places!