Saturday, July 12, 2014

Twirling Bubble Dress

It seems that I just can't get enough of the Bubble Dress.
On this one, I lengthened the bodice to Miss C's natural waistline and added a circle skirt.

There are several tutorials on how to make a circle skirt such as here and here but I used the skirt pattern from here.

I followed the instructions from the Bubble Dress for the bodice section by stitching the neck and sleeve outer and lining fabrics together and then switched to the instructions from the Fairy Tale dress for the zipper.

The dress I wore for my Grade 8 graduation was made from some sort of polyester fabric that may have been called crimplene.  Not too long ago I found what seems to be exactly the same fabric at my local Fabricland (a.k.a. the F-store) so out of pure nostalgia bought it.
It's the perfect fabric to use for a twirly version of the Bubble Dress.

My grad dress also had a strip of lacy looking fabric along the front so I added a similar strip of lace down the front of this one, again out of pure nostalgia.

Because Miss C loves to wear hairbands, using some aqua tulle, a strip of tiny beads, satin wedding roses and a hot glue gun, she now has a matching hairband.

The good thing about this type of fabric is after it's washed, it literally can be hung to dry (which it does quickly) and then it's ready to go again.
The not so good thing about this type of fabric is it doesn't breath well and it's not fun to wear on a hot, sticky day.
My guess is some major twirling will help fan away the heat if Miss C gets hot.


  1. I was thinking major twirling, too. It is such a pretty color of blue...and it so pretty.

  2. Fabulous twirling dress, just the sort my grand-daughter loves. Love the colour, x

  3. I love this, it's so pretty, I bet she loves it too.

  4. Nice job on the matching hair band! I think almost any bodice pattern can be made awesome (by little girl standards) by the addition of a circle skirt. I must try it one day.
    This looks super!

  5. I bet this dress is going to become a favorite....quickly! Love the nostalgia behind the design too!!