Thursday, July 17, 2014

Laguna Beach Swim Cover-up

There was a sale at Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop and among the several patterns I bought, was this one called Laguna Beach Swim Cover-Up.

Around the same time, I found 2 nice quality beach towels for $8.00 each at the grocery store where I shop. I looked earlier for towels at a bargain store but they were more expensive and poor quality, go fig.

These little cover-ups went together quickly. The pieces are simply a back, front, hood, sleeves, front pocket and front placket.
I made size 2/3 for Mr. A and 4/5 for Miss C.

The first one went together in about an hour and a half making me a seasoned pro to make the next one that took a little under 1 hour to make.

Now if the weather would co-operate and warm up to normal summer temperatures, they'll get used quite a bit.


  1. I hope that the weather has warmed up some so that these super cute cover ups can get some use.