Monday, July 28, 2014

Maggie Mae KCW #5 6 &7

Between housekeeping, weekend guests as well as power and internet outages, I was able to sneak in one more item for KCW.

The power is back on, the internet is working - sporadically - so I will attempt to upload the latest.

It's size 5, Maggie Mae from Shwin & Shwin.

I used  1/2 meter of print fabric and made up the difference with contrast. I think the hem might be a wee bit too short. If it is, I can always re-cut and add a wider hem band.

In the winter, I bought several bags of coloured buttons. The shipment had just come off the truck during a -40C day and the bags were so cold, they were difficult to carry to the cash.
Anyway, they came in handy today for this outfit and the good news is they have defrosted!

Tomorrow Miss C can try this dress on. We'll see then if the hem is a bit short.


  1. What a fun dress with lots of colours!

  2. It is adorable. I love the buttons. I haven't seen this pattern before. I will go check it out.

  3. You were very productive over KCW! I wish I could have participated but we were at the beach and I wasn't inclined to bring the sewing machine with me.;) The dress is adorable as is all of your other sewing this past week!

  4. Love the buttons. I too love using different colours on one item. Love the dress too, x