Thursday, July 24, 2014

KCW#4 2Tee's and 3 Shorts

I had a productive day today making 2 School Bus T-shirts and 3 pair of Sunny Day Shorts.

On one of the T-shirts, I ironed on a photo I took of one of the local ships when it came in front of our cottage. Mr. A calls it the "toot-toot" boat because it toot's it's horn whenever a boat passes by.

To go with it, there are 2 pair of Sunny Day shorts with pockets but no extra stitching like a faux fly as I just wanted to get them done quickly.  The fabric for both shorts is cotton twill.

The toy ship is made from Lego.

The other t-shirt is a from the remnant bin. To me, it looks like the kind of shirt fabric an old guy would wear.
The shorts are dark navy twill with a little stretch, again, like an old guy would wear.
Yet whatever Mr. A wears, he always looks so cute. The benefit of being a young guy.

Everything is size 3T with the t-shirts lengthened 2 inches.

Meanwhile my housekeeping is suffering. The window boxes are dry, the grass is ankle high, there's laundry to be put away, a stack of ironing to do, an empty fridge to fill and a bunch of people are arriving tomorrow to stay for the weekend so I simply must whip the vacuum through.
I doubt that I'll get anything done for KCW#5 or #6 or #7 for that matter :(


  1. They both look so snappy, I love a little man in smart shorts.

  2. You must burning the midnight oil with all the sewing you have been doing! Love seeing all the things you make.

  3. What great outfits! Mr. A is a lucky little guy. I put off stuff that I needed to do around the house last week too but I think I liked the excuse :)

  4. Housecleaning week comes around sometime after Paying Attention to the Husband week, but I'm sure neither are until much later in the year!
    great sewing. Love the photo transfer, it looks like a vintage postcard. My son wants to know if you built the LEGO boat yourself?