Friday, July 11, 2014

Dropped Waist Bubble Dress

Still paying around with the Bubble Dress pattern I kept the little sleeve details and lengthened the bodice to make it a dropped waist.

On the front of the dress I added a single ruffle,  although I debated about creating a double ruffle in orange and the main fabric.
In the end, I made just a single ruffle and added a lot of mis-matching orange buttons because
a) mis-matching buttons are fun and
b) all I have are mis-matching buttons.

The ruffle is made by creating a fabric tube, then gather or ruche the centre section and stitch in place. Easy and quick.

The skirt is 2 tiers of gathered fabric.

With the leftover fabric, I made a Bucket Hat using the free download for the pattern.  I would have used the pattern that's on Sheet#2 in the Little Things to Sew book but somehow, that particular pattern sheet is missing from my book. (Insert sad face)

While this dress is a little big on her at the moment, she really likes it and wore it on her last day at school.

She told me she was so excited that next term she's going to be an S.K. girl. Woo-hoo!


  1. She's so adorable and the modelling in the garden is so professional looking. The dress is very sunny and attractive. You are getting so creative with patterns

  2. Another adorable outfit! I love how you tweak the patterns to your suiting. Beautiful job!

  3. A beautiful adaptation of the pattern and I love the matching hat, x

  4. She is adorable in it! Heck, she is adorable in anything....